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Producing dogwear is our passion.

What is canicross?

If you like to be active with your four-legged friend, canicross is the perfect sport for you! A harness, bungee, running belt, and a pair of shoes is all you need to go cross country running with your dog at a competition or simply for pleasure.

Not everyone enjoys the stress of racing, and it is perfectly fine to simply enjoy canicross in your own peaceful forest. The most important thing is that you and your dog are having fun together!


Our purpose is narrowed down to one sentence “release your dogs potential” this sentence reminds us WHY we do what we do, – why we strive to make the best dog equipment. We want to help you and your dog “release the potential” .

Across all breeds, all activities and all settings we strive to be the best facilitator of equipment. Will it be to shave of seconds in a race, or to enjoy nature walking with a dog, our equipment will maximise comfort on activity.

We know that an active dog is a happy dog and a happy dog means a happy owner.

Our team

Association "RaceDog Latvia" was established as sport club in the summer of 2014 with the aim of promoting and developing sleddog sport activities in Latvia and to help Latvian athletes achieve new goals and sport tops.
Association "RaceDog Latvia" is a Latvian Sleddog Sports Federation (LKSSF) member.

Our athletes compete in sleddog sport, MTB, Alpine skiing and running competitions.

Do you sport or sell sporting goods or goods for animals?
Do you want to sell products for canicross and/or bikejoring, skiing and sledding?
Our products will allow you to offer customers a complete and specialized range of products tailored to the needs of both beginners and experienced athletes.
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