When your dog is your
number one motivation
Happy running dogs is our life passion

What is "Racedog"?

“Racedog” is a Latvian company that produces equipment for sled dog sports and other activities for you and your 4-legged team member. Everything you need for your buddie, an active and healthy lifestyle can be found on our website. Whether it is passionate running, biking or mushing in competitions, or a peaceful daily walk in the nearby forest, or a relaxing holiday at home - our products will help you enjoy it with your trusted friend.

What are our products?

The first thing anyone can start with is canicross - running with a dog. This can be done both individually in the open air and in competitions. Everything you need for it can be found with us – running belts, dog harnesses, and elastic leashes - in a wide selection of colors and models suitable for your dog's anatomy. They can also be used in other sled dog sport disciplines - bikejoring, scooters, carts, sleds, skijoring.
Top popular product - dog harness DRAGON: 
There are also harnesses for everydays walking, longer hiking, even climbing as well as collars, leashes, dog mattresses, bowls for water and food, coats, booties - everything you need in any life situation, even rest at home.

Why "Racedog"?

During more than ten years of competing in sled dog race events of various levels, including European and World Championships, we have gained irreplaceable experience and understanding of the necessary quality of equipment, which allows the dog to work comfortably and efficiently, enjoying this activity. Our harnesses have a comfortable, close-fitting shape, they are light, padded, made of non-moisturing or quick-drying materials. They provide dogs with maximum free and comfortable movement, the widest possible grip surface with the chest for more comfortable pulling, protects from possible abrasions. Our equipment complies with the rules of international competitions and with them you will be able to compete in any level. We always have a great time playing sports with our 4-legged friends and make sure that everyone can experience it.